Download GB Whatsapp: how to to download GB Whatsapp

Hello guys this is to inform and give you knowledge about the whatsapp mods.

One of the best known and famous Whatsapp mod is GB Whatsapp.

GB WhatsApp has many ,so many extra features that WhatsApp won’t/can’t provide.

Very few people are using GB WhatsApp. As they think it has security issues.

This is a tutorial how you can download GB Whatsapp Instantly without any issues.

Download GB WhatsApp in few minutes

1. Click the link below to download the available apk


2. If the version is obsolete you can go here and find the latest version according to your device.



3. Install the APK , no need to uninstall original WhatsApp

4. Make your account or signin

5. You can also take restore from your original WhatsApp if you want chats you have in your original WhatsApp

6. Enjoy, now you have access to many features that your friends with Normal WhatsApp didn’t have.


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