Season 8 Royale Pass for Rs 40 : PUBG Offer

Hello Guys this is to inform my PUBG players that you can buy Royale pass for very very cheap

As you all know Royale Pass Season 8 is coming. So you all want to buy the royale pass. But don’t want to spend RS800

But now you can get Elite Royale Pass just for Rs 40!! , That’s right

You can get unlimited UC from Unlimited Accounts

You can loot 60 UC only for Rs 4!!


Just Follow these steps

1. Go to PUBG and click on UC then select first option 60 UC @ Rs 79  (and now you will redirected for the payment)

2. Now there is three options at debit card or credit card and add net banking or redeem gift card then click add netbanking , now it will ask for your address now fill any address And your phone number.

3. Now select your bank for net banking and proceed , then there is a final option for buy.

4. Then, the main step don’t buy just click back button once ONLY ONCE!


5. Now a message will SHOW “wow congratulations you are eligible for Rs75 discount then don’t back or don’t click on no thanks just continue. And pay Rs 4 only.


6. Go to settings and remove your Google account by which you purchased. And clear all data of Play Store.

7. Then login via another account in Play Store and do again the same process .

Only old gmail accounts are working. Which were created 2 months ago or more

Clear PUBG cache files after every purchase

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