Groww App loot offer – Get ₹10 to ₹1000 Scratch Card on each referral.

Groww App loot offer – Get ₹10 to ₹1000 Scratch Card on each referral.

If you want to Invest in mutual funds,it is now simple and free. No paperwork, no problem. Invest in the best mutual funds according to you using Groww. All mutual funds are available in one app. And the best part – invest direct mutual funds with zero commission for free.

₹10 To ₹1000 stratch card per Refer:-

1. First of all, Download Groww App.

2. Install and open the Groww App

3. Signup with Google and Enter your number and verify with OTP.

4. Now Enter your PAN number, Bank account number, IFSC and other details.

5. After you Successfully Signup, You will get the Referral offer on Homepage.

6. Get your referral link and share it with your Friends. Once your Friend Signup and enter his/her details, You will get the Scratch card.

7. To redeem rewards, go to Invite and Earn page, Scratch the card and Money will be deposited instantly into your bank account.

You can see the reward proof below by joining our telegram channel, ₹10 is guaranteed and 1 in 5 person gets ₹100 and 1 in 50 person gets ₹1000

Terms & Conditions as per Groww app:-

The Referral Partner refers to all users of Groww who participate in the Groww Referral program.

1. The Referral Partner shall refer only the prospective investors and not solicit anyone to invest in mutual funds or through the Company.

2. The Referral Partner shall register and fill his/her personal details in the requisite registration form and all the details entered shall be true to his/her knowledge and belief.

3. For each referral, the Referral Partner shall be remunerated as described in the offer.

4. The Referral Partner shall not rebate or commission back to the prospective investor and abstain from attracting investors through the temptation of rebate/gifts etc.

5. The Company reserves the right to exercise due diligence on the Referral Partners and have a check on the mode of getting an investor.

6. The Company reserves the right to delist or reject the Referral Partner’s referral and/or honour the obligation of paying remuneration for any reason, as the Company may deem fit, including for the reason of breach of the terms and conditions herein.

7. The Referral Partners shall not solicit or give any financial advice to the prospective investor and ensure a high standard of integrity, dignity, fairness, ethics, and professionalism while referring the prospective investors to the Company.

8. By referring investors or being a part of the referral program, the Referral Partner shall not become employee/agent/associate/representative of the Company and the Referral Partners shall refer prospective investors in his/her own individual capacity.

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